The Pharma-safe Industrial Services, Inc. Safety & Environmental Management System takes a modular program approach to Safety to ensure each work location is operating in a safe, efficient, and environmentally efficient manner. Pharma-safe partners with client safety departments to ensure incident free operations.

Site Safety Personnel

24/7 Site Safety Technician

Fire Watch

Natural Occurring Radioactive Material

(NORM) Surveyors

Helicopter Landing Officers (HLO)

Corporate Safety Consultants


Safety Auditing Programs

Sub-Contactor Auditing

Site Safe Work Practice Auditing

Site Specific Job Safety Analysis Auditing

Fuel Consumption Audits


Compliance Training

First Aid/CPR/AED (onsite or blended)


Material and Equipment

Gas Detector Rental

Norm Meter Rental


Safety Coach

• JSA Review/Audit

• Work Permits

• Atmospheric Monitoring

• PPE Inspections

• Crane Inspections

• SSE Monitoring/Support

• SEMS Program Support

• Process Safety Management

• Frontline Incident Investigation

• Behavior Based Program support/champion

• Onsite Resource for Health, Safety, & Environmental Regulation Questions

• Safety Meeting Facilitator

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